Exhibiting Sexuality by Applying Best Perfume For Women and Men

The egocentric male and the subtly powerful female have dominated the space of this Earth since a very long time. Best perfume for women and perfumes for men have long since been escalated to a station higher than any powerful aphrodisiac. There are many scents that are available in the market today. Due to their immense popularity it is hard to choose which fragrance holds true for being the best perfume for women. Cosmetics have for ages been used for enhancing the appearance of both male and female however the most powerful sensory gland that over power our other senses is smell. Therefore it is safe to say that fragrance is one of the most sought after accessory you can adorn yourself with.

Sex appeal enhanced by scents

The sex appeal of most females can be attributed to the best perfume for women manufactured to empower them with sexual prowess. Each individual is made differently from the other therefore not every scent purchased by you will smell delectable; you have your own individual smell that is only enhanced if you wear the right perfume. To boost your sexual ardor you can apply pheromone perfume that releases a chemical in your body to make men drool when you pass from nearby. The smell enclosed in such bottles is so strong that it will lure people towards you instantly. So if you want to make an impression on the first date the best perfume for women would be to wear one that enhances your sexuality.

Creating a fog of virility and vitality

Most men are intrigued by the idea of wearing perfume to amplify their masculinity; they think it is nature’s gift that has been bestowed on them since birth. Perfumes for men have been mixed to escalate the ever present smell of virility and vitality. Men have thicker glands therefore perfumes for men are made from heavy extracts to mask the scent of sweat. The dominating personality of each individual requires perfumes for men that specifically adhere to natural earthy elements. Perfumes for men contain very different odor from that of women because women tend to prefer flowery smell whereas men like to surround themselves with masculine scents.

Appealing to the other sex

Both men and women have been known to don scents in order to attract the other gender. Perfumes for men and women appeal to the senses of both the sexes. Some people like to mix the scent of several perfumes to get their senses reeling however the mixing of scents can sometimes overpower your personality. You can lose your quintessential natural body smell when you mix and match scents of different kinds.

Succumbing to the sensation of smell is an endeavor that no human being can resist. Therefore selecting the right type of scent is crucial to increase your sexual ardor and lure your desired partner towards you.

Designer Perfume – Leave a Long Lasting Impression on Others

When you want to leave a lasting impression with somebody the best thing to do is to apply some perfume. A nice fragrance will affect the people’s moods and refresh them. But there is a long history and making behind the bottles that you see in the shops and online. It is said that they were first made in Egypt. Mesopotamia and Tapputi are considered as the first women perfume creators. Since these simple days where probably only one fragrance was available and perhaps shared between men and women, there is now a bountiful of choices to choose from so you can find something that suits your taste.

You must know about the fragrance note and the family to which they belong, this will mean that you can find similar fragrances that you would like, with ease. The fragrance note are of three differnet types; top notes, middle notes and base notes. They are arranged in the form of a pyramid. There are many families which are called Olfactive families and have Single Floral, Floral Bouquet, Ambered, Wood, Leather, Chypre, Fougere, Gourmand, Citrus, Fruity, Aquatic, Bright Floral, Green, etc. After doing a bit of research on notes you can identify which you like and do not. Using designer scents is a good idea as they are skin friendly and will not harm your body unlike some cheaper fragrances that cannot always be trusted for quality.

If you are not satisfied with the fragrances available in the market and want to have a unique but pleasant aroma for yourself, then you can make it at home by doing a little experiment. For example, take a small bottle and in it mix a few drops of sandalwood oil, few drops of musk, and jojoba oil and mix well then keep it for a day to let the fragrance form, you can also purchase other oils to suit your taste. This and many more such experiments can give you unique fragrance that only you will wear.

Also they are a great way to give somebody a gift they will love. The bottles are quite large in design nowadays so will be long lasting. Make sure you pick notes that you know people will like beforehand, but once you have they are sure to appreciate this gift. You can also find them in gift sets and pretty packages. Whether it is for yourself or a friend or family member, you can all smell great!