Learn How Your Broken Diet Makes You Fat

When I saw a fat diminisher system review online, at first I wasn’t that impressed. I’ve watched and read more reviews about various diets than the average person, so a new one promising to melt off the pounds didn’t really stand out. What did make me sit up and take notice is that this system was developed by an ex-military veteran. Military guys generally know a lot about eating, for obvious reasons. I’ve rarely seen an overweight veteran no matter what their age. They learn to eat in basic training and it stays with them. So I wanted to learn more.

What I got with the system is a lot of information that I’d never learned about before. Nearly every diet always talks about calories and how you simply must cut down on calories no matter what the cost. If you’ve been eating 4000 or more calories a day, you know cutting that in half, or even more, is going to cause a lot of problems. You’re going to be weak and hungry for weeks or even months before you start losing weight. This system doesn’t try and do that. It allows you to eat plenty of calories, but helps you get rid of the bad ones.

Processed foods had to go, of course, but I learned I could eat plenty of other types of foods and not worry about counting those calories. This allowed me to get through those rough patches and also allowed my body to adapt to the new diet. Since I wasn’t really depriving my body of caloric intake, I didn’t have the usual hunger pangs involved in losing weight. The results are starting to come in and I’m looking and feeling better than I have in years. I’m pretty confident I’m going to get down to my target weight and stay there.