Brisbane is The Place to Find Discount Cosmetics Products

Pregnant women should be cautious when using certain cosmetic and beauty products as many of the goods contain toxic chemicals that could affect the foetus. When chemists were coming up with new cosmetic products decades ago, it was believed that such chemicals did not cross the placenta. However, scientists have now proved that chemical exposure from the mother can affect foetus health especially during the early stages of pregnancy. In spite of these findings, many women still give birth to normal healthy babies. However, expectant mothers should use their common sense to help protect themselves and their unborn baby against harmful chemicals found in many of the beauty and cosmetic products.

Buying expensive organic or mineral goods does not necessarily mean the product is better than cheaper options, as cheaper goods have been tested and found that these options were found to have much safer ingredients. High end beauty products were found to have several exotic ingredients of which included chemicals that are known to cause allergies and cancer causing ingredients. Studies were also conducted in nail salons as the workers were experiencing health issues such as severe allergies, birth defects and other such issues. However, such studies are still inconclusive and many consumer campaigns have demanded that manufacturer’s reduce and reformulate such toxins as toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl-phthalate. Many discount cosmetics products Brisbane continue to include ingredients that have been inadequately tested, although majority of the products are safe to use. Due to inconclusive studies no one knows exactly how safe such products are to use, especially on a regular basis. Self sun tanning products are considered safe to use as the DHA reacts with the skins surface only. In spite of self tanning being safe the inhalation of the spray particles can however, affect the primary DNA and cause damage as the DHA is thought to be mutagenic. Tanning beds can present dangers especially when pregnant, as tanning beds elevate the body temperature. Skin whitening cosmetics interfere with the enzymatic process as they contain some harsh chemicals such as glutathione or hydroquinone which is an active ingredient. Most pregnant women develop pigmentation on the face as well as darkening of the skin. Medical experts recommend that they do not make use of skin lightening creams and to opt for a safer solution.

Studies carried out on hair removal products are inconclusive and these products have not been proved as safe or unsafe to use, especially during pregnancy. Hair removal products contain a maximum of 5 percent thioglycolic acid of which up to 15.2 percent are safe to use.