The Beauty of Nail Polish

In the past, nail polish seemed to be something that people would put on for a special occasion. Painted toes were only done when going on holiday. Nowadays painting your finger and toe nails has become very popular and fashionable. With a much wider range available than ever before, if you have not looked at the varnishes you can get now, you will be surprised by the choices on offer.

Nail polish used to only really be worn in traditional browns or pink as these were natural looking colours and also red which was used for dressier occasions. However, today you can literally find any colour you desire. You not only get just one standard colour of blue for example, you can find a whole host of different shades from the blue palette. Painting just standard blocks of colour are soon becoming a thing of the past and people are using their nails as another way to get creative and inject style. One way of decorating your nails, which is still as popular today, is a French manicure. This design consists of keeping your nails looking natural by using clear, pink and white varnish to mimic and heighten the look of your real nails.

You can now find polishes where you apply one coat and then use a magnet to drag the polish in different directions to create an interesting design that is different every time. You can also find varnishes that crack once placed over the top of another meaning you get a two tone effect and intricate design every time. You can find nail stickers also and whilst on first glance they may not look great, once they are put onto your nails they can look like you have painted them on yourself and will be sure to impress. Some of the most popular designs when using stickers and also stamps are leopard print, animals and flowers.

Nail varnish is not only used for beauty reasons but also advertised to help with certain problems. Some people cannot stop themselves from biting their nails and end up never having a white tip along the top. If they apply a coat of this specially formulated polish it is said to taste disgusting and should stop the person from nibbling away. Some other products claim to help with nail growth which could be used after combating the habit.

If you want to help a problem or want to try out a new look then you will be spoilt for choice, it could just spur a new love of nail art and design.