Adding Colour to Your Look

Makeup should be fun. It may be difficult to be overly expressive when going in to office, depending on what type of job you hold. However, when preparing for a night out with friends it is the perfect time to showcase the inner you. If you love colour and like to have fun with your makeup, then you should do so, after all life is too short not to enjoy it when you can. Products such as NYX cosmetics offer a range of eye catching shades of lipsticks, nail polishes and glosses that are wonderful products to have in your make up pouch.

Makeup allows us to enhance our best features, namely eyes and lips, with a touch of colour on the cheeks. Nowadays the range on colours available to us is so immense that it is hard to pin point one particular shade as a firm favourite. Depending on the occasion we will have different shades that appeal to us. For a morning out we may prefer to be more natural, sticking to nudes or colourless glosses, maybe with a touch of mascara to enhance our eyes. For the day out with friends or a night out we can be a bit more adventurous, with glitter glosses or more colour products such as a bright pink lipstick or orange nail polish. It is fun to experiment and have a little fun without always sticking to shades that we are comfortable with.

It is easy to fall into a makeup rut, using the same type of makeup day in and day out, including holidays and nights out. To avoid this browse online and find out the different shades that are available, the new products that have been introduced and the latest look that is the current trend. You do not have to follow trends blindly, but it is good to know what is in and adjust your look accordingly to suit you. When you check online you can even come across deals where you can purchase branded but cheap cosmetics, which will be beneficial when updating your makeup bag!

Make 2012 the year you revamp your look and experiment with new shades. You can stay true what you like, while trying new colours. Challenge yourself by doing something new with your look and feel inner assurance. True beauty comes from within and if you are confident about your look it will radiate and impress others with your inner glow.

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