Why Use Pure Skincare This Summer?

As summer comes along, and we spend long days at the beach, it is important to protect our skin from harmful UV rays, but SPF is not the only important factor to consider. Some skincare products contain potentially harmful chemicals. The effects of these chemicals on our bodies could be anywhere between irritation of the skin to increased likelihood of skin diseases. So how does one find chemical-free skincare?

Pure skincare is the solution. Using only natural ingredients, it provides both protection from the sun, but also safety from toxic chemicals. Through the use of pure skincare, one can take the careful steps needed to protect one’s skin and body during the summer months. But how does one discern what products to use?A not-for-profit leader in protecting human health, the Environmental Working Group has compiled a database of “1,400 sunscreens, lip balms and moisturizers” listing chemicals used and effectiveness of these products. () This list allows one to see which chemicals are in their skincare products.

A big part of summer skincare is sunscreen. The EWG lists several pure skincare products as their “Top Sunscreens.” One such brand is Jason Natural Cosmetics (). Jason Natural Cosmetics’ “Sunbrellas: Mineral Based Physical Sunblock, SPF 30+” sunscreen is a pure skincare product from this brand. The EWG gave it an overall ranking of 2 (Recommended) on their Top Sunscreens list. ()

Reviews of the product on included:”When I began to use it (2 years ago) I saw a huge improvement in the skin on my face. I have never once been sunburnt while using this… I really attribute a lot of the credit for my pretty good, pale – but healthy skin to this product.””I purchased this because it is free of chemical sunscreens, parabens and fragrance free. It has a thick consistency and needs to be massaged in well… Once it absorbs in, it feels nice on my skin and does not feel greasy or heavy on my face.”

Another pure skincare shopper also described their experiences with the product.”I found the Sunbrellas Chemical Free Sun Block… and it worked great… So if normal chemical sunblocks irritates your skin, give this one a try.”One common problem with chemical-based sunscreen is irritation of the skin. A possible solution for those with sensitive skin is pure skincare. Beyond helping irritation though, pure skincare is important for our long-term health. The EWG cites recent data from the FDA suggesting that vitamin A (a common ingredient in sunscreen) applied to the skin and exposed to the sun may increase the development of skin tumors and lesions. Furthermore, the EWG states that the FDA does not fully regulate sunscreen producers yet. Instead, the industry must turn to self-regulation � this is where pure skincare producers are important.

Pure skincare is an important step to a healthier, chemical-free lifestyle. With the arrival of summer and fun-in-the-sun, it is important to protect our skin from the sun, but it is also important to protect our skin from potentially harmful chemicals.

For more information on the best pure skincare summer products as well as some tips about how to protect yourself in the sun, see the EWG’s Guide to Safer Sunscreen.

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Designer Perfume – Leave a Long Lasting Impression on Others

When you want to leave a lasting impression with somebody the best thing to do is to apply some perfume. A nice fragrance will affect the people’s moods and refresh them. But there is a long history and making behind the bottles that you see in the shops and online. It is said that they were first made in Egypt. Mesopotamia and Tapputi are considered as the first women perfume creators. Since these simple days where probably only one fragrance was available and perhaps shared between men and women, there is now a bountiful of choices to choose from so you can find something that suits your taste.

You must know about the fragrance note and the family to which they belong, this will mean that you can find similar fragrances that you would like, with ease. The fragrance note are of three differnet types; top notes, middle notes and base notes. They are arranged in the form of a pyramid. There are many families which are called Olfactive families and have Single Floral, Floral Bouquet, Ambered, Wood, Leather, Chypre, Fougere, Gourmand, Citrus, Fruity, Aquatic, Bright Floral, Green, etc. After doing a bit of research on notes you can identify which you like and do not. Using designer scents is a good idea as they are skin friendly and will not harm your body unlike some cheaper fragrances that cannot always be trusted for quality.

If you are not satisfied with the fragrances available in the market and want to have a unique but pleasant aroma for yourself, then you can make it at home by doing a little experiment. For example, take a small bottle and in it mix a few drops of sandalwood oil, few drops of musk, and jojoba oil and mix well then keep it for a day to let the fragrance form, you can also purchase other oils to suit your taste. This and many more such experiments can give you unique fragrance that only you will wear.

Also they are a great way to give somebody a gift they will love. The bottles are quite large in design nowadays so will be long lasting. Make sure you pick notes that you know people will like beforehand, but once you have they are sure to appreciate this gift. You can also find them in gift sets and pretty packages. Whether it is for yourself or a friend or family member, you can all smell great!

How to Buy Beauty And Health Products

You might be one of those shoppers who shops aimlessly, buying whatever you “need.” Or, you purchase a product because it looks “good.” How do you know if a product is actually any “good?”

The fact is you really don’t know until you try the item out. But, keep in mind, your experience might be one of the 2% of experiences that don’t work out well. In fact, it may be the case most people do well with a product that doesn’t work well for you.

Finding a product that works out well can be difficult to do. If you are attempting to decide which product is best and you are in the store, you’ve already missed an important step.

The first step to finding beauty products for you is research. And fortunately, the internet is available to help you with research.

Although you can’t experience the quality of the item over the internet, you can see pictures of its use. These will give you an idea of how it may work for you.

You can also read customer reviews. Read these with bit skepticism, however. Usually, reviews are only made by very angry or very happy customers. You may only see part of the picture.

But, if there are a lot of reviews, more than 50, you can be reasonably sure that the overall impression of the product is accurate. Many online companies will attempt to make the reviews look much better than they are by reviewing their own products.

How to Make a Great On-the-Spot Decision

If you are in the store and you notice a product that seems attractive in comparison to what you are buying, stop and think. Hold the item side-by-side with the other item.

Analyze what it is that you get for the same price. Be careful for pricing games! Manufacturers price differently per unit to trick you into thinking you get more for less.

If the advertisement has large capital letters, pay no attention to them. Usually this is what is called “hype.” Marketers use hype to get you excited and make an emotional decision not in your best interest.

Hype information exaggerates the truth. Promises are made which may or may not come true. While this seems obvious to many, not all people are aware of this.

Don’t Forget a Health Promo Code!

To save yourself some good money, be sure to use a discount code, if it is offered. If one isn’t offered at the site, you can search for a code. Other websites list codes from thousands of manufacturers.

If the site you want to purchase from isn’t offering one, then wait a little while. In many cases, they will eventually offer a sale.

This may not be the most convenient method if you want your product in the near future. Visit some other websites, and see if they offer the same product for a lower price.

Consider using a promo code to help reduce your costs. Every little bit helps your bottom line out!