Top 5 Common Pests to Watch Out for in Texas and How to Squash Them

You’ve saved your money, purchased a home, and even visited the loan places in Raymondville, TX to borrow money to pick up the little decorations and necessities you need as well. When you move to Texas, you expect everything to be bigger and better. Of course, that’s true, but there are a few pests out there that you’ll want to watch out for before they invade your new home as well. In this blog, you’ll find a few of the most common pests in Texas that you need to watch out for, and how to squash them as well. 


Termites are said to cause thousands of dollars in damage to houses in the United States on a yearly basis. They are also very common in Texas. The best way to prevent a termite infestation in your new home is to hire a reputable termite control company to take care of the problem for you before it begins. 


Everything is bigger in Texas and that includes the mosquitoes that plague you during the summer months. Not only are mosquitoes blood-sucking creatures who feast on humans, but they also carry diseases that can be hurtful to you and your family. Mosquitoes need water to be able to breed, and though you might think of Texas as dry land, there is plenty of water for them to thrive. There are over 85 different species of mosquito in Texas and many of them carry illnesses such as yellow fever. 


Scorpions are some of the most frightening pests there are and Texas has 20 different species of them. These insects are nocturnal and can pose a very serious threat to anyone who disturbs them. They like to hide in dark places and though a sting from one will probably not kill you, they are extremely painful and something you don’t want to endure. There is no way to completely stop scorpions from entering your Texas home, but you can hire reputable pest control to help you keep them at bay.  


If nothing else on this list convinces you to contact your local pest control company once you’re settled into your new home, the fact that Texas has over 980 species of spider that call the land home should. Brown recluses and black widows are the ones you have to look out for, as their bite is venomous and can lead to serious complications if not treated. The other 978 species are pretty much harmless, but you don’t want them crawling around your home either. 


No matter what state you’ve lived in in the past, a glimpse of a cockroach scurrying across your kitchen counter will send you running for the phone for pest control help. Texas is no different with over 38 species of cockroaches that call the state home. Cockroaches thrive on water and food that is left out in the home, so prevention is key. Luckily, there are no poisonous roaches in Texas, but the species do carry diseases and germs. 

With any of the most common insects in Texas, the key to getting rid of them is prevention and a reputable pest control company to maintain your property and home. 


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